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Oops! You have lost your important file. Somewhere it’s disappeared in your hard drive. Now take some time and search in every possible folders for the lost file. Still the file is missing? Let’s try to retrieve the file from the hard drive. As you know after deleting any file, the file does not get deleted originally. Still it stays somewhere in the hard drive. The space for the file shows like available for any other new file. So you should be happy with the use of best file retrieval tool. This easy to use software with advanced features easily solves the big problem of file deletion or file loss. You just need to download the software to retrieve deleted files.

Some important file loss scenarios to make you conscious from further mistake

  • Sudden shutting down the computer leads to data loss
  • Accidentally deletion of your important files while trying to delete unimportant files
  • Formatting hard drive or any kind of storage device by mistake causes important file loss
  • At the time of transferring files from computer to some other devices or from any devices to the computer data will be lost
  • While performing the repartitioning process of your hard drive you may lose some of the data from your hard drive
  • Due to the virus attack problem on some of the files, you may lose data from your hard drive at the time of scanning process of the computer with any kind of antivirus software
  • Any kind of fault in your computer operating system, important file will be lost from computer hard drive or flash drives and in such situation just visit site to recoup those lost files easily.

Above mentioned file loss scenarios will be inactive with the excellent features of the File Recovery Software. This software helps to recover all possible lost or deleted files within very less time. It recovers almost 300 types of files. So, no need to search anymore for the software to restore important word files from your computer. File Recovery Download recovers all files from hard drives as well as all other storage devices. This software supports all kind of file systems like FAT, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS etc. Windows and Mac operating systems for both of them it works same effectively. If you think something happened to the flash drive then do not use that one before recovering data. This software follows scanning process thoroughly to recover all deleted or lost data. This tool works faster and easier compare to any other software and shows genuine result. At the time of retrieving data it creates new files for all restored deleted data. This same software easily performs data from memory card.

Note: File Recovery Software helps you to perform data recovery from various storage devices and provides you complete solution to recover files from USB flash drive, memory card, CF card, SD card, hard drive, etc.

Steps to follow in file recovery process

1: Download and install the software on your computer. Now launch the software. Form the screen on your computer select the option Recover Lost Files.

Download File Recovery Software - Main Screen

Figure a: Select Recover Lost Files

2: Then you need to select the drive name from the list of all drives as shown & the recovery process will start as shown in figure below.

Download File Recovery Software - Select Drive

Figure b: Select Drive

3: Finally, after completing the process recovery result will come. Using preview option you can preview the files & if you want to save the recovered files then buy the software.

Download File Recovery Software - Recovered Files

Figure c: Recovered Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
Mountain Lion (10.8) and Mavericks Users